Safe Guarding Project & Parish Officers

The Safeguarding Project 

There has been increasing recognition of the existence of child abuse and a growing acceptance of the potential risks to children from individuals working in positions of trust.  Greater attention has now been paid to how Church organisations can ensure that the children with whom they are in contact are kept safe from harm.  The Perth Catholic Archidiocese is committed to providing safe and secure environments for all its members especially its children, young people and vulnerable individuals.  

The Perth Archidiocesan Safeguarding Office was established in November 2014 to develop and implement policies, procedures and activities for safeguarding children and other vulnerable members of the Church.  This is in line with the 12 National Standards for creating a child-safe organisation.  

Safeguarding Officers in our Parish

Two Safeguarding Officers have been appointed for each parish and these are Sonia Joseph and Mary-Ann Burchfield for the Floreat Wembley Parish.  These officers will be provided with ongoing support and training and will be responsible for the implementation of policies and procedures.  These officers should be the first point of contact regarding suspicions of abuse and other safeguarding concerns.  They will work with the Safeguarding Project Coordinator to ensure any issues or concerns are addressed immediately.      

Sonia Joseph: 0415 996 781
Mary-Ann Burchfield: 0432 877 590