e-Record - Archdiocesan Weekly Newsletter

 Local news from across parishes in the archdiocese, agencies, schools and organisations is now published weekly in the form of an electronic newsletter, called "e-Record".   The Archdiocese also publishes "Panorama"  which lists events coming up across parishes, agencies etc.

To view the latest version of e-Record or Panorama just link on the appropriate link below:

THE eRECORD Edition #343 - 29th July 2021

Archdiocese of Perth Communications Newsletter - 29th July 2021

The Record Magazine - June 2021 (Issue #31)

















All parishes receive the newsletter electronically via the internet in a PDF form.     If you would like to have the newsletter sent to you directly please send your details to subscribe@perthcatholic.org.au  .  If you would like any information regarding the Archdiocesan Newsletter, please contact the editor Jamie O'Brien by phone on 92205800  or e-mail editor@therecord.com.au