Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Council, as it is more commonly referred to, operates broadly in line with the Constitution for Parish Pastoral Councils as drawn up by the Archdiocese of Perth in October 1992. Below are key extracts from this document.

 "The Parish Pastoral Council is a body representative of the whole parish. It is a consultative body. As such, it has a right and duty to provide wise advice and constructive assessments to the parish priest. It is to be involved in prudent policy making, goal planning and setting of objectives for the furtherance of Christian ministry within the parish."

 In joining the Parish Council, parishioners are usually expected to do so for an initial period of three years and may be re-appointed for a period of no more than three years, at the end of which, they must stand down. However, a member may resign from the Council at any time. In such circumstances, the Council may appoint a replacement until the next election.In our parish, the Parish Council meets bi-monthly but additional meetings may be called, if necessary. Meetings are usually held in the Parish Centre and the dates of meetings are advised in advance to parishioners via the weekly parish bulletin distributed at all weekend masses.

The current members of the Council are as follows:-

 Fr. Kaz Stuglik   [Ex-offico President],    Paul Davidson  [Chairperson],  Rory Beattie [Finance Committee Representative],  Gill Kenny [Secretary],  Octo Moniz,  Anthea Colgan, John Devine and Bernadette Robert.    Parish Secretary, Prue Pupazzoni, is an ex offico member of the committee.                                                                                                                        


Parish Finance Committee

The committee's role is summarised, as follows:-

1. Preparation and adoption of an annual budget of income and expenditure for the parish in accordance with a Chart of Accounts determined by the committee.

2. On a monthly basis, on-going monitoring of budgeted income and expenditure to actual receipts and payments including the parish's Planned Giving Programme.

3. Management of the parish's bank accounts and term deposits conducted with the Catholic Development Fund, Perth.

4. Ensuring that all of the parish buildings and associated infrastructure are maintained in good order and condition.

5. Arrange quotations from relevant parties and oversee work on all repairs and maintenance as well as proposals in relation to any new buildings/infrastructure, including obtaining any necessary approvals from the Archdiocesan Review Committee for works costing in excess of $20,000-00.

6. Oversight of preparation and submission of BAS statements to the Australian Taxation Office and annual financial statements for the Archdiocesan Finance Office and for the information of parishioners.

7. Oversight of people and contractors engaged by the parish to carry out certain tasks or work.


The members of the committee are  as follows :-

Fr. Kaz Stuglik [Parish Priest]  Mr. Rory Beattie [Chairperson],  Jo Place , Grant Meyer, Bill Richardson and Brian Parry [Secretary]                               

Meetings are held by the committee bi-monthly and at intervening times, on a needs basis. The meetings are held in the Parish Centre, usually on a Tuesday evening at 6.00 p.m.

Enquiries regarding the Finance Committee should be made to Fr. Kaz by phoning 9387 1158.



An Altar Society is called to serve the parish in providing an environment for worship that will assist with contemplation of the presence of God. The goal is to care for all the elements of worship, insuring that the total environment is clean, appropriate, beautiful and accessible.

 At both St. Cecilia's and Our Lady of Victories Churches, women give of their time and energy to assist with keeping the altar and sanctuary areas clean and at appropriate times of the year decorated with floral arrangements. The flowers are mostly purchased from a commercial florist. In addition, the linen used at masses and other ceremonies is washed, ironed and maintained.

The volunteers apply their talents and time and work in teams of 3 per week at each church.

It is hoped the number of volunteers will continue to expand, not only through the women of the parish but men would be welcome and young people.

If you would like to join the Altar Society, please contact the Parish Secretary on 9387 1158.


Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for the co-ordination of social activities for the Parish community.

 The Committee aims are as follows:

  1. To welcome new parishioners into our Parish,

  2. To bring together parishioners and encourage fellowship, and

  3. To encourage new membership to the Committee ensuring its longevity

At the beginning of each year the committee meets with Father Kaz to decide on the events that are to be held during the year.  Please refer to the  Events Calendar on this website for details of each event.

Meetings are held in the Parish Centre on an as needs basis eg prior to Parish events.

For enquiries regarding the Social Committee, please contact the Parish Office on 9387 1158.